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    Nov 2020

    What were your first signs of cancer? [we should all know this]

    It's that time of year where I keep hearing about people close to my friends dying, many of cancer. After discussing with a good friend we both realised, that although we're **** scared of getting cancer, neither of us knew how to tell if we may have it or not. The scariest part is, that of the recent deaths, all of them were within 10 days to 6 weeks of diagnosis. And one sure as hell doesn't want to find out that they only have a week of life left with their family and kids!
    So, what are the early signs of cancer, how do you know if you may or may not have it?
    Particularly interested in testicular, bowl/colon, lung, and throat. But any notes welcomed. I feel this info is pretty damn important for most people to know, so share what you have, please.

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    Re: What were your first signs of cancer? [we should all know this]

    Recently, my son came home in an incomprehensible state, I thought that he was drunk. Several more days passed and he appeared in the same condition. Then I realized that it was not because of alcohol, but most likely drugs. I did not want to take him to the hospital. I thought to catch him next time in such a condition and check it with a test. I found an excellent website Wondfo , where the test is checked for 15 minutes and gives an exact answer, this option is suitable for me, I will order and check.

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    Re: What were your first signs of cancer? [we should all know this]

    Cancer is an awful disease, so it is good to know the first signs. Thanks.

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    Re: What were your first signs of cancer? [we should all know this]

    Unfortunately, cancer can be cured completely only if it is diagnosed at an early stage. According to the Canadian pharmacy, there exist drugs approved for some cancer-related conditions. But it has to be noted, the most common treatments are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

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