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    Takes a lickin' and keeps on clickin' (stories of near disaster here)

    I had quite the bitter sweet day today. I met with a local wedding photographer that seems to be a fairly big deal, and was offered a job to be his second shooter (sweet!). In the process though, my d7000 had an unfortunate meeting with some concrete from a chest high fall (bitter!). Fortunately, by tokina's hood and the cameras mode dials took the brunt of the fall, and everything still works fine aside from a very loose mode dial, and a very stiff drive mode dial. In the process, I managed to get a fine welt/cut on my head from my tripods head while tripping. I can't help but find it humorous that as I fell, all I cared about was the camera.
    mostly Nikon gear

    Feel free to edit my images for critique, just let me know what you did.

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    Re: Takes a lickin' and keeps on clickin' (stories of near disaster here)

    We've had several stories about protecting the camera whild falling off cliffs or something.
    Glad the camera still works and hope the dings and loose mode dial can get fixed.
    Where's the pic of the welt?
    Glad you're ok.
    Keep Shooting!


    Please refrain from editing my photos without asking.

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    Re: Takes a lickin' and keeps on clickin' (stories of near disaster here)

    I have a story..... About a hundred years ago (late 80s) I carried a Canon AE-1, a flash, and a Kiron 70-210 zoom lens in a bag.

    Went out to the car to throw the bag into the trunk, forgot my keys. Go inside, get keys. Go outside, get in car and back out.

    Ran over the camera bag, which I'd set on the ground behind the car!!!!! I mean, ran over with the wheel!!

    Top of camera is cracked, PC terminal (remember those?) is hanging off the front. Zoom/focus ring on the Kiron has a tight spot in its motion, but still has full motion.

    That was all!!!! I used the camera and the lens for years afterwards, even bought a parts AE-1 on eBay (which tells you how much longer I had it) and replaced the top of the camera. Towards the end of its life the shutter curtain motion wasn't smooth, resulting in a vertical bar about a tenth of an inch on the negative that was overexposed, like the second curtain dragged at that point, then caught up. That was years later, so probably not related. That's when I upgraded to an AF system, the Nikon n8008.

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