Almost all Latin American countries are believers in the Christian religion, so Christmas is one of the most important celebrations of the year. A celebration loaded with great religious significance, which commemorates the pilgrimage of the Virgin Mary and Joseph, and the birth of Jesus Christ.

The current Christmas traditions of the region began to be practiced after the Spanish conquest and, although they have remained essentially, each country has added its local touch, so all its festivities are unique. Discover its peculiarities in this list!

In the southern cone of the American continent, Christmas is lived under the sun, as it happens during the summer. Being a country with a strong European influence, specifically from Italy and Spain, Argentines usually gather on Christmas Eve to enjoy an Argentine barbecue as the main dish, and for after-meal they usually eat panettone, a seasonal Italian bread. Finally, at midnight they gather in the church for the classic "Misa de Gallo". visit

For the new year, in some cities like Buenos Aires and Ciudad de Plata, they have the custom of creating a huge straw doll called "Aņo Viejo", which is burned at the end of the twelve bells.