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    Some cute portraits

    I used to shoot for a really cool company in So. Cal.
    We'd go to high end schools and do their school portraits.
    The fun part was we'd have free range to do just about anything we wanted. As long as there were about 6 good shots to be able to send to parents.

    I got really creative with a couple of the kids who just seemed to fit that category.

    The first one below I did shoot so it was VERY white. I adjusted a bit in PS so that it came out to what I wanted, but considering my background was concrete steps, I think it worked out great.

    Everything else was pretty superficial. some cropping, some burning, and adjusting when converting to b/w or sepia.

    The prints that were sent out to the parents were pretty straight forward, color, little to no retouching. I did the editing for my own pleasure.

    I don't know about you, but i'd love to have school pictures like these.
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