Sergio Aguero doesn't dare take Lionel Messi's No.10

He's confirmed he'll wear the No.19
Aguero will wear no.19EFE
Lionel Messi's legacy is a significant one at Barcelona, and it begins with the fact that no-one wants to take his legendary No.10 shirt.
Sergio Aguero, close friend of the new Paris Saint-Germain forward, has confirmed that it will not be him, as he announced that he will wear the No.19.
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"Nobody's going to wear the number 10, no? Nobody's brave enough," influencer Ibai Llanos said in a Twitch stream with Gerard Pique.
"Well, I think someone will have to, I told Kun to wear it, but he's not sure," Pique responded.
Now, via a post on social media, Aguero has confirmed that he has ignored Pique's suggestion.
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