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Thread: Self-Portraits

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    Apr 2005

    Re: Self-Portraits

    Oh alright I'll post a pic. Oh wait, I'm the one always behind the camera,lol Actually this was all I could really find,lol Pretty sad huh
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    Nov 2004

    Re: Self-Portraits

    Me in a bathroom in Vienna:

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    Very Cool

    That's a great self portrait. Good eye on even seeing that. And a very good job on composing and creating a good photo out of it.

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    Re: Self-Portraits

    Well, I just happened to shoot this over the holiday weekend - rainy out and I don't have a car, just my Honda sportbike - so I shot a pic for my portfolio site. It's one of like 20 attempts in the bathroom, but I finally shot something that looks like me and I think my personality comes through here. The only PS'ing done was some cropping, and cleaning up the dark circles under my eyes from too much sleep that day (a very rare thing indeed, sleep).
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    Re: Self-Portraits

    So, do you still look like this?
    I sleep, but I don't rest.

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    Re: Self-Portraits

    Guess I'll post a couple of my ugly mug. I took these for the 24 hr thread but they'll work here too. They were taken in a DUSTY mirror (dust came from my deconstruction efforts).

    Took a bunch not knowing which would turn out. Here's one with a "serious" look:

    And one closer to what I normally look like:
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    Re: Self-Portraits

    Guess I wasn't around when this first started, but as long as its back up here now suppose I can join in.
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    Re: Self-Portraits

    Nice self portrait PMW. Man it is amazing when some of these older post get revived. Its like something coming up from the grave and gabing you by the leg and pulling you back into the past. Did any of you look back at what you post in this thread a couple of years ago?
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    Re: Self-Portraits

    Might as well add my boyish good looks to this thread ;)

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    Re: Self-Portraits

    Look it's AXLE and his New D70s!
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    Re: Self-Portraits

    This one is really nice.

    (Notice the shirt. )

    Canon Digital Rebel with Quantray 19-35 F3.5-4.5 basically Glued on. :P

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