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    Riverboat - Sigma SD10

    The Spirit of Peoria. Full High Resolution 2268x1512 image in Gallery. Link below.
    Crops are as labeled.

    The 2x or Quad size crops bring an interesting topic regarding the Sigma w/Foveon sensor into a new light: These are nearly 14Mp images that are not resized in the same way as you would expect. Resizing the TIFF output or the JPEG(Q12) WILL NOT produce the image from the quad(Sigma calls is Double, but its 2x along a side ergo 2x2=4 or Quad) output of the PhotoPro software. Hmmm.... Samples below and in the gallery. Link below to larger crop.

    Comments and questions are welcome. Review and impressions to follow in the near future. Just starting with sample images first.

    Small amount of Sharpening to the resized image.

    Full Sized 2268x1512 Gallery Version Link

    Crop of 2X image 1:1 full size Gallery Version
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Riverboat - Sigma SD10-sop456web.jpg  
    Attached Images Attached Images   
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