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The optimal time for a bath is approximately 7-10 minutes, which is close to the average bath time above. To be able to cleanse parts of the body thoroughly But too much or too little is not good. Because taking a shower too quickly Not rubbing the soap in time to get all over the body, then rinse. It may make the body unclean The bacteria in the skin are not completely cleaned. But taking a bath for too long If not properly bathed, it may dry out your skin. Lack of moisture And more easily irritated

How should I take a shower?

It is not difficult to shower properly. Just clean the parts of the body as usual. And pay attention to bath products suitable for skin types And body problems To scrub off dead skin cells (or scurf), which in the folds and niches of the body must be cleaned thoroughly. And don't need to shower too often Because taking a shower sparingly This will help the body maintain its self-cleaning mechanism.

The temperature of the water used for the shower is also important. Regular baths do not require high-temperature water. Because it will make the skin too dry But if you want to deeply cleanse your body, turn on warm water to open your pores to cleanse the dirt. Then turn on the cold water. (Room temperature water) immediately to tighten pores as before, and most importantly, when the shower is finished, it must be thoroughly dried.

Special bath activities

During the shower Many people tend to do other activities, such as singing at the opening concert. Using the shower as a microphone Which in addition to being a time when he felt that he was relaxed Singing in the bathroom with reverberation can also make you feel like singing because it's better. ทางเข้า amb

While some people feel like they think about it all the time in the shower Which is because while taking a bath The brain releases dopamine. Which is a neurotransmitter used to regulate emotions and feelings Dopamine will result in the body being alert, energetic and sensitive to stimuli. And concentrate Causing many people to tense their brain while they are taking a bath Where creativity or ideas often arise during this time