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Thread: Random photos

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    "Artisaliethatmakesusreali zetruth" PlantedTao's Avatar
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    Random photos

    Just some random photos from my last roll of film that I thought came out cool enough to post ;)
    Oh, and does anyone else see a face in the tree?
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    Re: Random photos

    I think it is an Ent!
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    Re: Random photos

    Quote Originally Posted by drg
    I think it is an Ent!
    From Lord of the Ring 2woTowers.It looks like there are arms also.
    "When elephants fight it is the grass that suffers"
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    Re: Random photos

    Quote Originally Posted by PlantedTao
    Oh, and does anyone else see a face in the tree?

    Reminds me off something out of an old Walt Disney animated movie or cartoon. Trees would often take human form and move around.
    Don't forget about the Gallery. Are your photos there??

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