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When entering the rainy season The humidity in the air will increase. Which often brings various diseases according to the season, making it easier for us to get sick, some are severe and even need to be hospitalized, such as influenza, pneumonia, and some of them are not very serious, but they are annoying. It also spoils personality as well, such as fungal diseases or unpleasant odors from various organs. Which these diseases often come with the dampness of the rainy season Together with lifestyle habits Eating Personal cleanliness Bacterial or fungal infection
Sangkhang of disease in rainy season that comes with a scent
Asst. Prof. Punyaphatthit Sirithanabodakul, MD Department of Dermatology Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital stated that Sangkhang (Tinea cruris) or fungal infection. Often found in the groin And may spread to the genitals It is more common in adults than in children. It is found 3 times more in men than in women.
Sangkhang is caused by a fungal infection in the Dermatophyte group, causing inflammation, red flaky patches.The disease is highly contagious by touching or sharing items such as clothing and towels.It is found in people who sweat a lot, athletes, are overweight, diabetes. People with poor immunity
The most prominent symptoms are red, itchy, itchy rash, there may be a blister or a red rash with raised edges and white scaly patches. Or it may be a sheet found in the groin, pubic hair and folds. If it scratches, it will become more and more invasive, resulting in scuffs and stinging. In severe cases, the rash may spread to the buttocks and genitals. แทงบอล