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    Photography Learn-From-Home options? What's good? What's best?

    What are some mail-order or online Photo Classes that are good? Or are there any book series that take you through the same thing a class would?

    What are the best options for improving your photography without going away to school somewhere?
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    Re: Photography Learn-From-Home options? What's good? What's best?

    that's a great question, anyone know?
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    Re: Photography Learn-From-Home options? What's good? What's best?

    I did the NYIP stuff. It was one of cheapest I could find. Betterphoto has some amazingly wonderful classes but I couldn't afford them (still can't!). Anyway, with NYIP, it was alright. A little 70's-ish. They have a new digital option now. I did learn a lot when it came to studio work, but a lot of it is stuff that I am sure you already know. I wish it could be a menu type of thing. Then you could pick and choose what you want rather than paying for everything when you only want a few.

    Have you checked out They have some lesson there that I thought were pretty good. A total of 10 and again, most of it probably more basic than what you need. But maybe you'll find something there.

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