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    The Pentagon Memorial.

    Well done but....

    I'll be going back at night for some better pix.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The Pentagon Memorial.-imgp2022.jpg   The Pentagon Memorial.-imgp2017.jpg   The Pentagon Memorial.-imgp2008.jpg   The Pentagon Memorial.-imgp2009.jpg   The Pentagon Memorial.-imgp2018.jpg  

    No, I DON'T need that.

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    Re: The Pentagon Memorial.

    Wow, creative, thanks for sharing.
    :thumbsup: Shootme...

    Please don't edit and re-post or use my images (not that you'd want to anyway...). without my written permission. Thank you

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    Re: The Pentagon Memorial.

    Thanks for posting this memorial.

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    Re: The Pentagon Memorial.

    Thanks for posting this.
    Too bad we (NYC) still have a highly contested construction site across the street from me... though I think the lights that are put up every year are much more poignant than anything that will be built (here in NYC.)

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    Re: The Pentagon Memorial.

    Quote Originally Posted by megan
    though I think the lights that are put up every year are much more poignant than anything that will be built (here in NYC.)
    I think you're right. I had (still do) a hard time comprehending the size of the loss until I was in NYC in 6/02 right after the clean up phase (believe that's what they were calling it, recovery was done and they were removing the final bits of debris) and saw the hole left by one of the towers. People deal with tragedy differently, but I don't think there's anything anyone could build that would make sense to me. And I don't even live there.

    MB1, thanks for posting - I had heard about this new memorial but had not yet seen pictures of it. I'll look forward to your night shots. This, like Oklahoma City (I have not seen it in person) seem like they convey a sense of it very well.

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