Optimum Strategies for Shooting Stills and HD Video Simultaneously during Photoshoot?
Greetings all,

I have been shooting photography and video for some time, and I am enrolled in a summer-school class where we are to come up with a brief business plan for our future photography/videography ventures.

Well, I am going to build a brand around shooting stills and video simultaneously, and I was wondeirng if anyone might have any recommendations as how best shoot hd video and stills at the same time throughout the shoot. Who are the leaders in this field?

Do any of you mount two cameras together (Such as a video camera and dslr), or set up dedicated video cameras or still cameras DSLRs on tripods? What brackets/systems/methods do you use for mounting stills and video cameras, and/or shooting stills and video together at the same time?

And of course, I will also be including a section on audio in my business plan, so any tips would rock!

Just looking for some ideas! & if I use your original idea, I'll be more than happy to provide you a reference!

Thanks in advance for the advice and insights! I will look forward to sharing the final plan with y'all.