• 06-19-2004, 06:44 AM
    Which is the nhext photoblog giant, I think it is fotoamigo.com
    Fotolog has been the giant of photo blogs. It is now too slow, and too
    unorganized. I am looking for the best of the photo blogs and want
    opinions (on the worst as well. Anybody have thoughts on sites such as
    razziphoto, photosleeve, photothru, fotopages,imageevent, smugmug or
    pixagogo? Cureently my number 1 choice and the David that I predict
    will take over the goliath is FotoAmigo at http://www.fotoamigo.com.
    This database/website is good old fashioned "user friendly" free for
    basics and the cheapest around for all the bells and whistles. It is
    searchable by keyword and category and encourages niche social
    networking through its category driven design. It seems to be both a
    digital posting site as well as a full blown community weblog,
    including everything from online writing to political cartooning. Well
    does anyone have thoughts on any other sites out there or predictions
    on which photo blog will be the new king?Is it fotoamigo.com