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    I'm new to this site and am happy to be here. I'll have lots of questions I'm sure. I just ordered (haven't received it yet) my Rebel XTi. I have a Rebel XL (sold it), Rebel XT and a Canon Powershot S500 that I still own.

    I taken some pretty decent pictures with my XL and XT and I love those cameras. What really turned me on to the XTi is the fact that a friend of mine took her XT on vacation, and got so much dust in it that she had spots all over her pics. She had to take it to get it cleaned...and that cost $50. While I was at the shop with her, the salesman told me that Canon had just come out with the XTi and it has a self cleaner. Well, that made me order one on the spot.

    Can anyone tell me if the clean mech. on the XTi does a good job? I sure hope so, I do a lot of lens switching when I'm out and about. The 10 megapixels piqued my interest as well. Now I can't wait to receive my package.

    I have the EFS 18-55 lens that came with it, and I bought a Canon Ultrasonic 100mm macro lens and also a Canon Zoom 75-300 lens. I also just bought a Tamron SP AF Tele converter 300F-Ca 2X. Now I have to use them and get familiar with all that stuff and learn how to do some creative manual focus photography.

    I love to take nature and landscape shots and I actually took a few that are suitable for framing and my travel agent thinks one of the shots I took of Curacao was good enough to now be hanging in their office. That makes me feel really proud!

    I was never much into photography (other than point and shoot) before digital because I'm an impatient person when it comes to seeing what took and what didn't. Digital changed all that. NOW, I need to learn the basics. I need to REALLY understand aperature and Fstops and all those goodies. I need to REALLY understand how to use them to my advantage.

    Well, thanks for letting me introduce myself, even though this is pretty long. It seems that maybe now I have a place to come to to learn.

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    Re: New Member

    Welcome to PR! We're also happy that you're here. You came to the right place to share your love for photography, get advice.....and share your photos.

    I upgraded from the 350XT to the 400XTi and love this camera - it's my favorite of all the cameras I've owned. My "dust buster" works just fine. I did read some reviews that stated that there are (relatively) few complaints from people that they had a problem with it. However, don't look for problems. Everything on mine works great. Photo John - the Administrator of PR (Captain of the Ship) also has this camera and is very happy with it. If you click into his gallery, you can see some awesome shots with it. Personally, I haven't had a lot of time to use mine since we're in the process of moving and very busy. I did test it out a few times, and I'm very happy with it, as I said.

    It sounds like you're growing in your photography skills. I look forward to seeing some of your photos.

    Enjoy - and keep posting.


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    Hello! I just joined recently as well, and although I don't have a good digital camera yet, the XTi is on my list of possibilities. I'm anxious to hear how you like it!

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