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Thread: Mozarts Widow

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    Poster Formerly Known as Michael Fanelli mwfanelli's Avatar
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    Mozarts Widow

    Rare photograph, OK daguerreotype, of Mozart's widow. Interesting.
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    Re: Mozarts Widow

    Quote Originally Posted by mwfanelli
    Rare photograph, OK daguerreotype, of Mozart's widow. Interesting.
    Boy was I surprised. I thought the title was "Mozart's Window".

    Interesting. Thanks for posting it.

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    Re: Mozarts Widow

    Thanks, Michael. I'm a big Mozart fan, can't play any instruments except the stereo (unlike my son who plays piano, violin and trumpet, and can play Mozart sonatas for me), so I make up for lack of performance arts by collecting it instead. I've got roughly 600+ classical CD's, at least a third of it is Mozart.
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