miami fog

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  • 10-16-2009, 02:10 PM
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    miami fog
    I forgot to put the camera in the car boot.
    Instead the camera bag was behind my seat.
    Even at 7:30 it was hot, and we ran the aircon in the car for the 1/2 hour drive.
    When I got to the track, I got this photo of Angie ready to wheel off to the pit lane.

    What I should have done (and did next day) was keep the camera in the hotter boot (trunk) where it stayed hot enough to avoid condensation when it hit the outside humidity.

    After about 1/4 hour pushing her chair to the garages, I got a clear photo.

    If you're looking a the EXIF, subtract 5 hours for EST.
    First shot 07:10 carpark, second shot 07:27 garages