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  • 12-31-2004, 02:28 PM
    Magazine submission
    I haven't been on here much lately... '04 started out real promising for me in terms of a photo career, then life got in the way again, lol. Blah. I'll be back at it in '05, just got me a D60 and the ol' D30 is up on eBay :) I did manage to take a cool road trip on my Ninja out to Houston (stayed in Baton Rouge, LA), and just finished rewriting my travelogue. Along with a dozen photos, I want to send this in to some bike mags, but getting guidelines from them is like pulling teeth. E-mail doesn't seem to work, and no one answers the damn phone (all the mags are owned by the same company, Primedia).

    So my options are:

    Query letter to the editor - but isn't this more for a proposal for a story idea, not for something that's already been written and shot? Or should I send this along with a sample?

    Full submission - but in what format? All on CD? It's a Word file and a dozen 350-dpi tiffs. I don't know if they use PC or Mac.
    Or..... A hardcopy of the text and a dozen prints (spending around $60 on them, but that's fine)?
    Or..... A hardcopy, prints, AND the CD?

    There aren't too many mags that will publish a story like this - my first road trip, but on a sportbike, not a cruiser. If it were a cruiser I'd have more choices. If the Primedia rags don't want it, it will get published at my site as a full mag layout that I'll design. More people will read it, but it's not something that will matter as much on my resume - and at this point, it's all about career moves, lol. Thanks for any help!

    And oh yea, Happy New Year, ya'll! :D