It may be thought that eye diseases are specific to the elderly. But actually with changing lifestyle habits This makes younger people more vulnerable to eye disease faster and more.
Facebook page Doctor Panda Lab or Than.Parkphum Dejhasadin, Medical Technologist Head of Blood Infectious Disease Examination, Molecular Biology Method The Thai Red Cross National Blood Center explains the dangers of premature macular degeneration. The silent threats that come with a new way of life are as follows:
Macular degeneration prematurely The silent threat that comes with a new way of life
Nowadays, science and technology are very advanced. The Internet is also very sensitive. Causing us to live in front of the screen For studying, working, communicating, playing social media, watching movies, listening to music, playing games, or finding out where your girlfriend is
All of this unknowingly causing us to spend more time on screen. If only for a short time Would not have superslot much effect on the body But if we live a long time in front of the screen Macular degeneration, it will definitely visit prematurely. Besides screen addiction, there are other causes of macular degeneration, such as age, heredity, cardiovascular disease, obesity, chronic exposure to sunlight, smoking, alcohol, and lack of food.
There are 2 types of macular degeneration:
1. the wet or fast type, often with a sudden rapid loss of vision Because the center of the retina image is swollen There are abnormal blood vessels that grow into the walls of the eyeballs. Or bleeding on the retina may blind.
2. The dry type is the most common type. With retinal cells gradually Slowly deteriorate Vision decreases with increasing age.