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  • 07-09-2005, 02:36 PM
    I'm way too :o To say how many hours I spent working on this! I originally posted this in P Crit but decided to post here as a new thread.
    I would like to thank everyone who looked at it in PCrit, and more thanks to those that posted. I think I have tried all of the suggestions from you, except cutting it out with scissors :rolleyes: .
    Lava Lamp, you pointed out the gnomes. I didnt really notice them before.
    ThusSpoke, I had a monster flash bracket and drew a few glares, but these women called my attention for this photo. I kept the camera nearby and mainly stayed unobtrusive unless I saw something interesting happening. (the sky turned really cool and I gathered people I knew for a shot, but I didnt pose them.)
    Mark, If I had gorgeous women without clothes in front of me, i'm sure i'd drop my camera! You make an excellent point though, about being harsh. I only post on photos I like. I dont feel qualified to crit pics I dont like, Its hard for me to be constructive.
    John, the only time your harsh is when you ignore me! Please reply to my posts what you feel.
    Furchin, At this point I have totaly forgotten what your reply was :o :rolleyes: , but thanks for posting (ok it was complimentary about the tight crop).

    Back to the pic. It's cheesy , campy or whatever! Fine Art is not in my present or past.
    I does fit how I feel about the mood I want to convey.
    I learned a lot about ps last night, now my knowledge can almost fill up the pointed end of a pin.
    Thanks for looking, feel free to critique.