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    Kodak HIE B&W Infrared Film

    I recently got my inrared film developed and i so excited to see the results. To tell the truth, i was dissapointed with it. Most of my shots were very grainy and some were clear and you could see what i was doing. Any advice on getting rid of the grainy effect?

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    Re: Kodak HIE B&W Infrared Film

    No, that's inherent in Infrared. Sorry if you don't like it.
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    Re: Kodak HIE B&W Infrared Film

    There is an ISO 100 infrared film made by Maco that has much finer grain than HIE. However, a near opaque filter like a Hoya 720 is needed to get signifigant IR effect, which I find looks less grainy. Just remember, IR film requires MUCH bracketing. I go 2 stops over and under. Tripod required.

    HIE is grainy by nature. No getting around it.
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    Re: Kodak HIE B&W Infrared Film

    That grain is part of the charm of infrared!

    I have a small stash of Konica 120 IR film. That's the way to go if you want less grain.

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