Bedding is one of the things that we need to use on a daily basis. And spent hours with them Each person's bedding washing may also be different. Once a week Or some of them maybe once a month But did you know that bedding can be another important source of germs today? Hello Doctor has a story about bedding to leave each other.

Why is washing bedding important?
On the mattress is everyone's happiest place, but did you know that linens are a great breeding ground for bacteria? That is so because Sleep makes our skin use this time to rebuild itself. Resulting in dead skin cells and new skin cells Caught by the sheets Acts like a fishing net That captures thousands of human cells This includes oil that comes out of the body and various fluids including urine and feces.

In addition, people sweat 26 gallons of water in their beds every year and when they are exposed to humidity, they sweat. It will cause fungus to occur, so if you have scratches, it can lead to infection. In addition, the dead skin cells. There is also a factor in pulling dust mites into the mattress. It can affect people with asthma too.

Therefore, washing the sheets always clean. Thus preventing mold, germs and dust mites that can cause health problems slot amb