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Exercise with running It is one of the more and more popular sports. Because there are no restrictions on the location Just have the right running shoes to exercise.
But if thinking of running seriously to compete Especially for long-distance running like half marathon (21 km) and marathon (42.195 km), athletes should pay attention to health check up first. To prevent the risk of death without early warning (Sudden Cardiac Death).
However, the news found that there were deaths from a heart attack while running. It is because runners may have been sick by certain diseases but they are unaware. Especially heart disease When the body has to use more power than usual, it can affect the heartbeat.

Based on data from Samitivej Hospital By Dr. Prapon Dit Rungroj Explained the reasons and importance of the pre-run health check as follows:
Find the hidden disease
Did you know that regular annual screening or check-ups may not detect hidden diseases? Especially heart disease Over-exertion for a long period of time will directly affect the heartbeat. Resulting in fainting, chest fainting, palpitations, or death Including other serious diseases such as chronic severe dementia This is the cause of death of a famous American footballer like Mike Webster because he refuses to check his health before playing
Risk assessment
Harvard University research shows that every year more than 200-300 young people die while playing sports from asthma and heat stroke. Which running a marathon requires more physical and encouragement than usual Seeing your doctor to assess your risks before you go on a run is something that shouldn't be overlooked.
Detect conditions for which exercise is prohibited by running.
Patients with medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure. As a result, the blood cannot go to the heart normally. Therefore, strenuous exercise that is beyond the body's ability can be more harmful to your health than good. People with underlying disease should always consult a doctor before running.
Check for injury risk
People with a previous history of running injuries It may result in ongoing and chronic inflammation if the body is not stopped until it has recovered. Including runners who have not been properly trained Seeing a doctor will reduce the risk of a repetitive injury that can cause you to stop running for a long time. แทงบอล
Check your physical fitness
To check the fitness of the body Your doctor will look at your body's maximum oxygen utilization rate while exercising by taking an Aerobic test (VO2 max test). This is very useful for runners who want to increase their performance with speed or distance. It will also help plan the organization of the correct and effective training program.