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    DEviaNT Photographer DEvianT's Avatar
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    Lightbulb Hellen Van Meene Photographer Interview

    For those of you interested in portraiture I have posted an interview I did with world renowned Netherlands portrait photographer Hellen Van Meene. She's got some very interesting takes on photography and even the digital and film mediums compared. She made for a very articulate and interesting interview. Her work also stands up to scrutiny. Hopefully it'll provide an interesting read for those of you who like this area of photography.

    Thanks also to John for permission to post this Link.

    DEviaNT Photographer

    'Tough' meant it was an uncompromising image, something that came from your gut, out of instinct, raw, of the moment, something that couldn’t be described in any other way. So it was tough. Tough to like, tough to see, tough to make, tough to understand. The tougher they were the more beautiful they became.
    ~ Joel Meyerowitz

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    Re: Hellen Van Meene Photographer Interview

    Very informative, interesting and inspirational.

    I do like my pastries though, I like to go for all 8.
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