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    Canada Never Fought in the Civil War!

    Actually we did, about 10,000 Canadians fought on both sides and died. Some Canadian merchants and docks accepted CSA money. Weapons and Supplies were provided to both sides from Canada also.

    So this past weekend I was at yet another re-enactment doing the photography thing (I have one expensive hobby, I cannot afford to pick up another one and join them out in the field! Maybe one day!).

    It was a lot smaller than the Siege, but just as enjoyable as the spectators were a lot closer to the action this time around, and they had horses! I spent most of the morning taking photos of people and chatting with the various folks around the camps ect, several whom had also been at the siege. However the most impressive work came out of the battle at 3pm (they had to move it back an hour because of a wedding happening at the same location, can't have the vows happening while rifle and field gun fire were going off).

    All my photos from the event can be found here:
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    Re: Canada Never Fought in the Civil War!

    Looks like every ones having a whole lot of fun. How far apart are these guys when they fire those weapons ? Forgetting to remove the rammer before firing could make things rather interesting. Really enjoyed your shots, just a pity you couldn't avoid getting stuff that was out of period in the back ground.

    Isn't it a cool thing in nature that the colours never seem to clash...

    I have no issues with you editing my photos

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    Re: Canada Never Fought in the Civil War!

    I would have had fun photographing that. Great stuff.

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    Re: Canada Never Fought in the Civil War!

    These re-enactments are quite fascinating, especially when everyone gets to go home afterwards.
    I also think it would be great to have a wedding with a civil war battle going on around the ceremony.
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