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Thread: Bummer

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    Angry Bummer

    I was trying to get a photo of a raccoon in a tree last night and the camera was using the flash strobe to try to focus.

    Well, it quit working. I thought my batteries were dead or low enough that the recycle time was too slow and also the battery indicator showed low battery.

    No problem, I have a loads more where they came from. I tried my next set of rechargables, same thing. OK, so these went dead sitting for a couple weeks as NI-CADs tend to do. I'll try some Alkalines. Same thing. I tried several more sets to no avail. Dang it are all my batteries dead?

    So I put all my rechargables on the chargers overnight and tried it again this morning.

    No go, flash is dead. Auto flash pops up when needed and charges (or indicates that it is charging), then the flash ready symbol comes on 30-45 seconds later, then and only then does the auto-focus start working and I can take the picture. But the flash doesn't fire and the battery level shows empty. The exposure is way off in this situation.

    Camera works fine focusing and metering and exposure is good when no flash is used, but when the flash is needed and popped up the whole camera slows way down and takes dark photos.

    Time to see what Pentax Customer Service is like.


    Edit: Camera works fine with and external flash mounted too.
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    Re: Bummer

    I hate all customer service now adays. The thing is there is no service and they could care less if you are a customer. I feel bad for you having to go through that. I tried to get something serviced and they sounded like they were working at the quicky mart. They didn't understand a word I was saying.
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    Re: Bummer

    Sorry to hear about your camera trouples. I work for a company (Lands' End) that prides itself on customer service, and as a result, I have come to expect that same level of service from places I deal with. I have never had to deal with any customer servies issues with my photo equipment, but if and when I do, I hope they treat me as well as my company would treat them if they had a problem with our products. Good luck!!

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