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    The Beast from the East: Russian WWII Camera

    Here's some pictures and details on my first "real camera". I've used some disposables before, and also a real crappy digital cam, but this is my first "serious" camera.

    This is a Russian made FED-1. This particular variant is called a FED-1D by some collectors. It came with original leather case and strap, which were in excellent shape. Also came with a manual, although I'm not 100% sure its the original.

    The camera itself is in amazingly excellent shape. It has been well maintained; the curtains are fairly new, new oil and grease where appropriate, but other than the curtains every piece looks like it is the piece it was made with, I've had two different people who are very well trained in Leica and Leica copies check this out and both were extremely impressed with it.

    The lens is a typical Leica style 50mm collapsible lens, with f stops from 3.5 to 18. Glass is all nearly perfect and is very bright and sharp.

    The top of the camera has some interesting info; the Serial number dates this camera to 1941. The top reads;
    "FED SER 16xxxx
    Kharkov work commune
    F.E. Dzerjinski"

    The Serial number is also what dates it to 1941

    Usage is like a typical Leica II rangefinder camera. In fact, the Soviets made a nearly direct copy of the Leica, so close that most of the Leica parts and/or pieces will fit directly onto the FED. Quality of the glass, and the camera in general, is amazing, and it retains an amazing amount of history as well; to think of what this camera has seen! Everything from WWII and the continuation war, the Lapland war, the various uprising, the afghan war... who knows what else?!? If it could talk, this machine would be a testament to a very interesting period in our world. I hope everyone enjoyed this little blurb about this interesting and neat camera.
    WWII Eastern Front Action Novel

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    Re: The Beast from the East: Russian WWII Camera

    I enjoyed it and your photos of it are all top notch.
    If only it could talk what stories it would tell, though.
    Keep Shooting!


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    Re: The Beast from the East: Russian WWII Camera

    That's pretty cool, nice history lesson on the soviet made camera. On my list of wants is a old Voigtlander range finder like my Dad fist let me use in 1979. He bought it in Germany when he was there in the early 1950's when in the army.
    Jimmy B

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