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If to say that social networks are The essential part of human life would not be so wrong. From opening my eyes to waking up before going to bed Everyone has to post their own news and stories through Facebook or IG, especially if anyone who recently broke up with an ex. Often have to go into his social network several times a day Ever round Many people would want to know why these young women could not move on. Let's go see the reason at the same time.
1. I want to know the life of my old lover.
Even say goodbye But it doesn't mean that women will cut their ex-lover right away from the life directory. They want to know if he is fine or not. What are some problems in your life during this time? And the main thing is "Shines if your ex has posted anything that expresses himself or not" or in the event of a bad ending The woman waited to see if the man's life would deteriorate or not. Are you hurt by what happened? Which wanting to know the life of an ex-lover does not mean that he is still in love But I just want to know the way people have loved each other and have had a good life Only together
2. I want to see the new girlfriend of the old lover.
When they break up It is not unusual for your old lover to meet a new lover. Which most women tend to stare at how the old boyfriend's new lover is As beautiful as you? What kind of work does it have? It is a small competition that is common in all female instincts. Which in addition to shedding new women on the old Facebook page Some people even go to the next step to shine the new girl's Facebook page as well.
3. I can't stop
This is the truth that many people face. Even after breaking up but still in love with him Even knowing that this love will never return Some people just want to shine to see how well he is still. But if you see that he can move on and have a new lover, he will regret it. Which if you still can not stop and indulge yourself by shining on the old fan facebook like this Would certainly have more negative effects than good results Let him go live his life You turn to take care of yourself, love yourself, start walking on a new path better.
If you are one of those people who are still shedding light on Facebook or other social media of your ex, ask yourself how it benefits your life. How it makes you feel better or worse If nothing benefits Shining and feeling worse than before It's time to block it. Otherwise, you will never be able to move on. แทงบอล