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    Photoshop Elements 8

    aquadog has posted the announcement that ADOBE Photoshop Elements 8 is now available. There is interesting information in the press release about features.

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

    There is an additional link below that is a 'direct connect' to the download page for trials/purchase. Also note the 'Version Comparison' link in a pane on the right hand side of the page.

    As of this date, September 28, 2009 Adobe is offereing a rebate that lowers the cost of the PS/E 8 product by $20!

    Direct link to ADOBE Photoshop Elements Version 8 downloads.

    The trial links are at the bottom of the page for Photoshop and Premiere Elements, and the combination package.
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    Re: Photoshop Elements 8

    Was looking at it last night. I take it Premiere elements is for editing video.
    I wish they would make it so you could just update your older version.
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    Re: Photoshop Elements 8

    Quote Originally Posted by Frog
    I wish they would make it so you could just update your older version.
    so do I, I've only had PS/E 7 for 2 months ... and now they bring out 8

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    Re: Photoshop Elements 8

    Has anybody given PS/E 8 a try for Mac? I am looking at getting it and hope someone has some ideas if it is a decent program. I have CS3 now and do not like the bulk. I had PS/E 5 for windows and liked it.

    Any reviews?

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