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    Something new.....

    I began to doubt my "ideas" were artistic, so I took a long time off. Did the family stuff when called upon & such, but felt like my real interest in photography was dying. Out of the blue, I contacted a new model in the area & tried to see if I still had my abilities.

    I say abilities because I don't really consider my work as artistic at the time I'm creating it. I ususally go into a situation with the idea of a general goal (that the model & I have discussed beforehand) & use whatever is available to create the illusion that gives me the end result that we both want. With that in mind, here's some new work that has broken my dry spell.

    Details are: 3 lights. Main was a Norman LH2K-M head at 200-WS to the upper left, reflected off a 45" silver umbrella (approx 3' above/beside subject, aimed down about 45-degrees). Fill was a Norman LH2K head at 100WS, (bare bulb, reflected off a 60" Photogentic white convertable umbrella) to my immediate right/rear (and about a foot above subject). 2nd fill was about 2' to my left using a Vivitar 285HV slave triggered at 1/2 power, shooting thru a 45" white translucent umbrella (above her about 2', aimed down at 35-degrees).

    Our goal was some clean (but sexy) images that they would be happy to show their famlies.
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