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    Rumored Leica RM will come with a built-in EVF viewfinder

    In fact, there have been rumors since 2019 that the Leica M will use a built-in EVF pgslot viewfinder, which is expected to be launched in 2022 as the Leica RM (not confirmed yet). name)

    It is also expected that more Leica RM information will be announced alongside the launch of the Leica M11 at Wetzlar on 11/11/2021. The date and month numbers are pretty consistent with the M11 concept, really good.

    **The Leica M with built-in EVF above is just a concept image.

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    Re: Rumored Leica RM will come with a built-in EVF viewfinder

    Look this video about

    I use instagram image downloader for image and videos

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