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  • 07-24-2004, 08:47 PM
    unharp mask-
    i've got about 2500 [40-50 years worth] slides that i have scanned with a nikon ls-40 then "optimized" them in ps 6.0. these were done in tiff then converted to jpeg 12 and burned to cd-r's. i want to have 4x6 prints made from them and placed in an album. everything has been done to them except image sizing them and applying usm. i have read some on usm and even done some of it. but, i really "don't" know where i "actually" am on it. whether they need more amount and radius or not. i generally try to range the amount from 70-150% and radius from 0.6 to 1.0. but its actually only a "guess". what i do is initially enlarge the picture such as on a dress pattern or on jewelry and guess at a setting and see what the "difference" is in toggling between usm on and off. if the "difference" [on the dress pattern or jewelry] is alot then i try to back off the amount[sometimes along with the radius] to where the"difference" in "toggling" is not too great. but here again i am only "guessing". the little window to me in ps 6.0 usm dialogue box is hard to tell anything from. that is why i enlarge the actual image itself. questions-
    1- any advise on the above?
    2- i don't use a printer to print my photo. i took some to walgreens lately that i applied usm mask on and it helped over the same photos that usm was NOT applied to. but again, it was only a "guess". i don't want to"guess" on all 2500 of these. i want them to be "optimum" when i'm done. in other words, i don't want to make any boo-boo's at this stage of the game.
    3- Shutterfly will print them for 22 cents each, but they don't apply any sharpening. is there any credible lab that i could hire to apply usm "optimally" on all the photo's [at a reasonable price]? i would want them to be printed on Fuji archive photo paper and glossy. if you recommend any labs please give name an phone number.
    4- thank you-

  • 07-24-2004, 08:50 PM
    Unsharpen mask, start at
    Amount 100%,
    Radius 0.3
    Threshold 2

    Yes use the toggle. It really is a best guess, but you need to have the images at 100% view as well, to see the difference. Move the preview window so you can see the point of the image that is important to get sharp and check the look with the toggling then.

    I answered your other question in the other forum as well just now too.
  • 07-24-2004, 09:26 PM
    boy peter, you had that typed out before i got back to see if it was on the forum.
    i just can't see any "signifigant" difference when i view thru that little window. it's too indistinct.
    is there anything wrong with the way i've been doing it of getting the photo image on full screen and zooming in up close say to a persons chest and looking at a button and seeing how much change there is on the button on various usm settings? i try not to have a "big" jump between usm on versus usm off on the button. i try to have it "modest". here again it's my "guess" and like i said, i've poured too much time into this project at this point to louse it up by a wrong guess. in my "guessing", the photo's that have a little exposure "softness" i apply more amount and radius than i do the photo's that are pretty much "right on' in exposure. what i really want is each usm at its "optimum" and i'm not sure if i can achieve that as a novice. i could have them printed as is, but i've seen already in the test photo's taken to walgreens that usm masked helped on the slightly "soft"ones. the ones that were not 'soft' didn't show any signifigant improvement. i'm really wanting "perfection" of each print and until i see the print i'll never know.
    thanks peter, for "giving me the time of day" again. if you have any questions you need answering on farming i can help you out. when it comes to photography/ps 6.0, i'm still learning.

  • 07-25-2004, 12:14 AM
    No Tramp, no need for farming tips, closest I get to that, is a little dirt in the small backyard we have, which with a bad back is never.

    The way you are doing it is fine, only you will know how much you want to sharpen the image. If you over sharpen it, you will notice it, if you move the amount slider up to 500%, you will see a huge difference and then adjust back from there.

    The radius I think relates to like a little circle from the centre of one pixel point and the threshold is backwards from say blur to sharp, so the thresehold should be something around 2-3 most of the time most likely.

    If you adjust the radius up to 2.0 you will see a huge difference as well and then adjust it back and watch your screen as you do so, you will start to get an understanding of the sliders and the positions in relation to the quality of the image.

    Oversharpening a large image, might not be that noticeable depending on what size the images are that you are printing out to like 5 x 7 or 8 x 10, but higher than that and you will more than likely see the difference.

    As I said before, any help you need, I am more than happy to help you with up to my own abilities. I am sure there are others that will chime in as well, trying to make life a little easier for you as well.

    That is the beauty of these forums compared to other sites around the place as well.

    If you need advice, a picture is worth a thousands words, and most often can get so quick feedback as well. Don't hesitate to post an image that you might be having trouble with, I am sure most things can be worked through.

    Typing is a bit of a forte with me, I learnt to type way back in 1970 when I joined the Air Force as a Clerk as that was part of my duties and that was on an Old Olivetti manual carriage return as well, in the days of the Gestetner printing as well, remember the old stencils that I had to type for training manuals and using nail polish as correction fluid, before the invention of Tipex came out.

    Hope you and your wife remain safe and well.