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    Need quick monitor responses plz..Help

    Common sense tells me 4.3 standard view LCD Monitor is preferable to expanded 4.3 or equivalent of widescreen 16.9 or 16.10 view, but technology rarely conforms to common sense. So I chose to order a 19" Nec SXGA, TFT LCD : Brightness 400 cd/m2: Contrast Ratio 700:1 :Pixel Pitch 0.294mm: Response Time 4ms : Maximum Resolution 1280 x 1024, for $229.00
    HTML Code:
    instead of

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    Wide screen 20.1" LCD WSXGA+ : Brightness 300 cd/m2: Contrast Ratio 500:1:Pixel Pitch 0.258mm: Response Time 10ms: Maximum Resolution 1680 x 1050, for $359.

    What do u think? Both are analogue/digital, have 4 usb ports, are height adjustable. Is the 20.1 inch wide screen worth extra $130? For photographers is the wide screen preferable to standard view because of photo editing, viewing distortion? Please help :idea:

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    Re: Need quick monitor responses plz..Help

    Not sure what you mean by viewing distortion. If you mean the wallpaper looking distorted, that's just a matter of correctly resizing and cropping your wallpaper images to the correct ratio or simply displaying them without using the stretch option. Your programs on your PC should display without distortion, with the possible exception of games, many of which currently do not support a wide screen resolution. The 4:3 ratio monitor you ordered seems by far superior to the wide screen, brighter, better contrast and faster response, greater height resolution. The only advantage I can think of for the widescreen, is when playing back widescreen movies on your PC. Well, not quite. It's better for fitting two windows side by side than a 4:3 monitor. My laptop is a wide screen, and I'm used to it now, but having to re-edit my favorite wallpapers for use on my laptop was annoying. My desktop pc uses two monitors, a widescreen 30" Dell (2560x1600), and a 20" Samsung (1600x1200). I use the Samsung for my photobrowser, and the Dell for photoshop. Games play on the Dell ofcourse :-)
    Hope that helps.
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