• 09-17-2004, 03:49 PM
    Help! Epson printer problem
    Hey all! I've got a problem here. At the shop we're using a Epson 9600 and we just aren't getting the detail Epson is claiming we'll get. On screen, the image looks great, with all the fine detail like hair and lace and such showing up fine. But in the print (at 1440 dpi) and 350 ppi file in PS, the details are lost. Is there anything we can do to get that detail back? Epson claims photo quality or better, and we're just not getting it. For the price ($4500) of the scanner and all the trouble we've gone through to get it right, it's really upsetting to not be getting the pro quality we're expecting. What's the solution here? This is not a monitor calibration issue or anything, and to be sure, the smaller Epson 2200 does the same thing. What's the trick? Please help!!! Thanks.
  • 09-20-2004, 05:31 PM
    Okay, maybe a little more info would help generate some help here...
    The printer is printing fuzzy. We're not getting the clarity or resolution that we should, and it might be hurting business. People expect photo quality prints and get back fuzzy/soft prints that aren't comparable to the crispness of an analog print. Like I said, it's not us, we have tack-sharp images going to the printer, and somewhere along the way, the good resolution it getting lost. What might we do to fix this? Thanks again! :)