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    Trying Some Street Shots

    I almost never try to photograph random strangers on the street, but tried it here with a Nikon V1 and 10mm f/2.8 held at my hip without composing through a viewfinder. I cropped these square.Trying Some Street Shots-food-truck-2.jpgTrying Some Street Shots-food-truck3.jpgTrying Some Street Shots-food-truck-1.jpg

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    Re: Trying Some Street Shots

    I think you're onto something Lava, though I think each could use a little something different. The top (left) one could use a zoom/crop in around the people, though I do like the SUPER graphic. Not sure I like the slight tilt on the 2nd, somehow that throws the geometric off. The woman's a tad software in the image, also. The bottom one I really like their expressions, but seems like there could have been a better angle: granted, not sure from where, but ...

    Keep shooting em. Seems like an experiment that's going to work,

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    Re: Trying Some Street Shots

    I like them as well. The subject and colors are nice. You are entering a whole different area with street shooting. I think they are cropped a bit tight my favorite is the second one. You might dodge the lady in the window slightly.
    The last one might work in black and white I know the guy has wonderful colors on but there is something about the streets and black and white.
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    Re: Trying Some Street Shots

    Hey there!
    I just want to put in my 2 cents in though, as you know, I can't contribute too much. I like the 3rd best because of the interaction you captured with the people. It's enjoyable to me because it looks like they are enjoying themselves.

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