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    St Teodor Church in Vrsac

    The Church devoted to Saint Teodor was built on the Vršac Hill in 2002, frescoes were painted in 2003.

    Saint Teodor of Vrsac - Church Photograph by emilex, on Fliiby

    Exposure: 1/80 sec at f/7.1
    Focal Length: 16 mm
    ISO Speed Rating: ISO 100
    Lens: E PZ 16-50 mm F3.5-5.6 OSS
    Camera: Sony a6000

    I took this photo few days ago while I was walking around there with my father
    What could I improve on this one?

    Thanks for your response!

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    Re: St Teodor Church in Vrsac

    Nice shot.

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    Re: St Teodor Church in Vrsac


    It's a good attempt of a pretty building and the sky is really attractive so a good capture. It just needs a bit of tweaking.

    This is a nice building but I think it needs a little better composition by getting rid of the right most pillar so crop to just right of the tree behind the fence, about half way to the pillar.

    If you get another opportunity to take this shot try and give the building a bit more space at the top and possibly make this a portrait to achieve the goal. I think there is a car in the left corner which may not help with extending the photo to the left but you need to try and get a bit more of the street as long as its not cluttered.

    I would still crop out to the edge of the car because it detracts from the photo.

    You could tone down the sky as it is taking all of the focus away from the building so you need to tone down the sky and brighten the front of the building making sure the white is brought out when you make the alterations.

    Hope my comments help.

    Roger R.
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    Re: St Teodor Church in Vrsac

    Wow, great pic.

    Nothing really bothers me about the image, so my comments are really nitpicks. I would like to see a little more walkway to 'lead' me into the scene. The rightmost pillar doesn't bother me at all, but the left most black fence seems to draw my attention away from the church just a tad. I can't see it any bigger to confirm its sharpness, but it does seem a bit soft; however that's not a bad thing, because this image has a soft, magical feeling about it. The colors are outstanding and I really like the lighting and the angle of the sun, which seems to make the building glow.

    Nice work!!

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    Re: St Teodor Church in Vrsac

    Great lighting and colors!

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    Re: St Teodor Church in Vrsac

    I see two main things that are holding this image back.

    First is the crop. I'm ok with having the right-most pillar, because the more fence we see, the more we have an element guiding our eye to the building. But I do agree that the top is too tight and whatever that is in the bottom-left corner needs to get got (sorry, I've been listening to Ice Cube today). If you had it, a little more breathing room all around would have probably helped.

    The other issue is the exposure. The sky is perfect, but the building itself could use some lightening/whitening.
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    Re: St Teodor Church in Vrsac

    very cool topic!

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