Nevada Hills

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  • 09-28-2007, 08:41 AM
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    Nevada Hills
    I took it while driving in a car so didn't have time to set the shot up. hah What do you think about this one?
  • 09-28-2007, 09:01 AM
    Re: Nevada Hills
    Except that it is maybe a tad oversaturated this is very nice.

    That you got it from a drive-by instead of sitting there all day waiting for the light is impressive.
  • 10-02-2007, 10:48 PM
    Re: Nevada Hills
    Wow, intense! LIke the clouds and the overall shape of the hills. The saturation definitely needs to be toned down (WAY toned down perhaps). A little loss of detail in the center and right side areas. Maybe it needs a few hikes standing on that hill, looking out at the horizon..........