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    Close encounter; Please Critque

    This was purely by accident.
    I like it, but several people have said that I should try this with my 10-20.
    I only had the 28-80 with me at the timeI feel it has potential, I'm not sure how to approach this. :idea:

    Comments welcome.I'm here to learn
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Close encounter; Please Critque-close-encounter-s.jpg   Close encounter; Please Critque-reflect-train.jpg  

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    Re: Close encounter; Please Critque

    What a wonderful photo opp. I like the first image over the tighter crop. I like the motion captured by your shutter speed selection. Other than that, I don't think I can offer anything to improve this particular image.

    If you can do a reshoot, this is one of those special situations where I would try a really long shutter. Long enough to capture several cars passing to render a nice flowing river of metal. You should still be able to get that nice sharp reflected background through the flow to offer a unique, contrasting image.
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    Re: Close encounter; Please Critque

    lots of my nicer shots are purely by accident.. trying to reproduce or improve on the accident can be very difficult.. sometimes impossible..


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    Re: Close encounter; Please Critque

    Great capture I like it as is. I have one similar to this in my gallery, which was also an accident. I was trying out a new tripod, shooting flowers when a train came by. I like your picture how it captures movement well. How fast was it moving, In my picture the train was barely going walking speed...
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