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    What make electric bikes so expensive?

    A two main things cause e-bikes (electric bikes) to be expensive.
    1. The battery. Lithium ion batteries are the only battery demonstrated to have the range and longevity and light weight necessary in order to be practical for an e bike. However, like anything innovate and great they are still very expensive to manufacture. This is why electric cars are so expensive
    2. There's no economy of scale, that is they are not popular enough for them to be mass produced thus lowering the price. This was the same for cars. Prior to Henry Ford's ingenious invention of the assembly line for cars cars were only toys of the elite.
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    Re: What make electric bikes so expensive?

    Hello! Many motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy the vibration and loud noise associated with a gasoline-powered motorcycle. Electric motorcycles don't give that feeling; however, there are many benefits to using an electric motorcycle. For me, the main one is low emissions. You can look at such mopeds here - wholesale electric mopeds.
    Electric motorcycles are environmentally friendly, do not emit exhaust gases. Electric motorcycles produce zero emissions and therefore do not contribute to smog or carbon emissions.

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