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    Question about collecting sales tax.

    Ok....I set myself up as a "legal" business last year as I have been doing a few weddings per year and didn't want the IRS breathing down my back for their "share". I got a resellers tax ID number from the state (Indiana) and have been collecting sales tax on the print orders that I been given from the weddings that I have done.

    Question ..... If a client only wants an image on a CD disk, is that the same as selling them a print? If my wedding price includes a few prints, then do I have to charge tax on the wedding package price as well?

    I have a commercial shoot coming up and the client only wants one image from this shoot on a disk. I told them I would do it for $75.00. Do I charge them sales tax?


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    Re: Question about collecting sales tax.

    You'll need to contact your state board of revenue. I live in Massachusetts, and I had a very.....lively discussion with a very unpleasant person at Mass Revenue.

    I thought that if I charge separately for the session, it was a service and no tax was required. The state of Taxachussets thinks that if a sale might result in a sale, they want the tax.

    "But what if they don't order a print?" I asked.

    "So refund the tax."

    I'd bet money they tell you to charge tax.

    Thus turn the wheels of government.

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