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    Pro Photographers

    Hey everyone, I'm a newbie to the boards here. I've got a couple of questions for any of you pro photographers out there.

    I'm a photography major who will be graduating this December and looking for the dreaded "first job out of college" I'm from the Outer Banks of NC but I go to school in FL. I'll be making the move back home to NC after graudation and will either go back to the OBX or possibly out to the Raleigh area.

    What advice could you working photographers give me when it comes to finding that first job? My focus is portrait and wedding photography and although I'd eventually like to have my own studio I feel its important to work under a photographer for a while to gain experience and knowledge. Since most studios don't go looking for photographers, what's the best way to go about searching? As a pro, would you be put off if a new graduate came to your studio with a resume and portfolio?

    Any advice would be great! Thanks!

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    Re: Pro Photographers

    hmmm.... i cant be much help here really but ill offer a few ideas maybe, i live in philadelphia and i know there are several search engins like Phillyworks i think just for job searches maybe there is one for your area? also does your college offer internships or anything, cuase usally those companys will hire you once you get out, but thats about all i can say, sorry hope it helps some

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    Re: Pro Photographers

    If you look at forums that are geared towards people who are working in those fields (generally paid forums) you usually find people willing have let you assist or second shoot. Granted, it's not going to be everyone, but there are a surprising number of people who are more than happy to let you carry their bags.

    Keep in mind, that you may need a "real" job while doing this, it usually pays very little, if at all. But the experience is worth it.
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    Re: Pro Photographers

    There are a number of large companies that specialize in portraits who advertise regularly on the web for photogs. Do a google search for portrait photographers and you will find them. Some pay well, some not so well, either way you get your foot in the door.

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