Hi everyone,
I have my first volunteering photography job this weekend and I just wanted to ask for some tips.

I am taking photos at a community fair (held at a school) and I have volunteered to take some pictures of the event, so they can put them on their school website, facebook page and maybe send one to the local newspaper.

I sat down with the lady in charge and we went through an outline (a very basic outline) of where and how the pictures can be used, I got her to sign it.
The lady in charge said it was a community event (since it is open to the public, not just the school families) it is not a school event; so she said the school waiver/permission form doesn’t apply and that I must ask permission of everyone I take photos of.

I was wondering how best to go about doing this. I thought of bringing a sheet with a list of the specific places that the photos will be used and have people sign that before I take their picture. Would that be a good way? I want to keep it simple, but at the same time cover me, I don’t want someone getting upset or saying they were unaware of where the photos would be used.

When I give them by pictures to put on their website/facebook….I thought I would watermark them in the bottom corner, to ensure credit?

Is there anything else I should keep in mind? Any advice would be appreciated.