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    Everyone has seen the vail photo by now.

    Of the skier hanging upside down after his pants got pulled down.

    It's interesting that he might lose his job due to a no-compete clause being exercised simply because they didn't like that he shot the photo.

    How photographing an event that is not in the interest of SharpShooter competes with SharpShooters mission is beyond me. But then again, maybe the photographer put himself in a contract that really limits his ability to shoot elsewhere which I would consider to be unethical on SharpShooters part.

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    Re: Everyone has seen the vail photo by now.

    It could be argued that since the photographer had an exclusive contract with Sharpsooters to photograph skiers at the resort that he was in fact competing with them when he used his own camera to capture an image of a skier and released it himself. The counter-argument could be that they wouldn't release a picture like this so he wasn't competing.

    It could also be argued that he was documenting an emergency in a public place for the public good. The problem is he released the photo, apparently, as something humorous, not as a document.

    I'm sure the resort owner got mad because it suggests that if you go to the resort you could end up with your buttocks exposed hanging upside down instead of skiing, and as they contract with Sharpshooters asked them to punish the photographer.

    Personally I think everybody should develop a sense of humor about the whole thing. I doubt they will.

    If anyone is ever in a similar situation I have three words for them- Nom De Plume.

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    Re: Everyone has seen the vail photo by now.

    I would have appreciated anyone not taking my picture in a somilar situation.
    Keep Shooting!


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