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    Domain just to link to Smugmug??

    Hi guys and gals. I have my smugmug pro site all set up, and I would like to stick with it instead of creating a whole web page for now.

    So I had the idea that I would just purchase the domain name I want ie: and then instead of building a whole website, I will just have that domain redirect users to my smugmug page.

    Anyone else done this? If so, how do you do it? I already bought the domain I want, just curious if I still have to pay for hosting or if I can just get that domain to redirect.

    Thanks in advance.

    Feel free to edit and repost my photos for critique if you feel so inclined! :idea:

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    Re: Domain just to link to Smugmug??

    You should be able just to do a 301 redirect for your new domain and park it. No need to get hosting becuase the hosting is done on smugmug.

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    Re: Domain just to link to Smugmug??

    how did this work our for you?? I just did the same thing for my site.

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    Re: Domain just to link to Smugmug??

    My son set up a domain name for me and redirected it to my Smugmug site and it has worked well for years. The main reason I set it up this way is so that my name will always stay the same even if I start using someone other than Smugmug. All I need to do is have my son redirect it to the new location and nobody knows anything has changed. This allows my to keep my business cards and signs the same even if I change locations. There are too many places that I have my name established and it would be a pain to have to remember them all and change them. By having a domain name I can change anytime I want and the name people use to access my site stays the same.
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    Re: Domain just to link to Smugmug??

    Helpful thread

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    Re: Domain just to link to Smugmug??

    There is no need to pay for new hosting. It is enough to set up a redirect to a new domain name.

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    Re: Domain just to link to Smugmug??

    There is no need to pay for new hosting. It is enough to set up a redirect to a new domain name.

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