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    Advice on selling print

    I took some pics of this office building last year that I deliver to (fedex). I finally got around to showing them to the management office and the owner might be interested in buying one. I'm thrilled they would be interested and donot expect much..having it hang and credit would be great. Any advice from the pros? watermark..rights?..Complete newbie.
    Please ask to edit photos and I'll do the same! :thumbsup:
    Thx, Rod

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    Re: Advice on selling print

    I would frame it and matt it. Sign the matt and if this is your first customer be generous. I usally give the subject a free copy. But with that said I think 50-100 dollars wouldn't be out of line. Depending on your cost. The important thing is if getting your name out there to start with. Not how much you make. Congrats, I enjoy your work.
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