• 04-27-2021, 10:48 PM
    Get to know SpO2, the most talked about feature. And then a smart watch - smart band.

    In regards to the COVID-19 situation, many people are becoming more interested in their health, especially when it comes to the SpO2 value. And what interesting models are there today? Sanook Hitech team has compiled in this article to see.

    What is SpO2?
    For SpO2, it is the oxygen saturation of your blood. Some people may เกมสล็อต call it Pulse Ox, which is a measure of how well the organs of the blood oxygen supply channels are sufficient, and if the SpO2 value is low, the oxygen uptake for the body's functions. Especially with the nervous system and brain.

    Therefore, SpO2 is another important value because it is the buzzing value that can tell the lung function and the value that should be located is normal, which is 95 - 100% considered normal body But sometimes it may not be this value because it will have a factor in our skin thickness as well. Therefore, if not less than 90 is considered a valid value.

    Now let's take a look at whether your Smart Watch has this feature or not. The way to observe it is to observe from the specifications such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch watches that are new. The SpO2 indicator will be added, combined with the pulse measurement feature. Some of them will have separate SpO2 features, such as those of Garmin, Huawei, Fitbit, Xiaomi or Amazfit, etc.

    However, measuring SpO2 levels in a smart watch is still a tool that can help determine the initial symptoms. But the right choice in the event of a physical abnormality should be consulted with a professional medical team or agency as soon as possible.