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    olympus 8mm fisheye vs. 9-18mm ?

    i am really thinking about getting the olympus 8mm lens after seing some great examples from people. ive seen a few people say that it takes some learning, but you can really control the fisheye-ness quite well.

    i keep wondering though if i should save a little bit of money and get a more versatile lens by grabbing the 9-18mm.

    has anybody here used both of these lenses to compare to each other.
    Olympus E-510
    w/ Ownuser BH-E51R grip
    Olympus E-1
    w/ Olympus SHLD-2 Grip
    Sigma 30mm f/1.4
    Olympus 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5
    Olympus 8mm f/3.5 FE
    Olympus FL-50 w/ broken TTL function
    2x Vivitar 283 w/ DIY VP-1

    coming soon:
    Olympus E-3
    Olympus 35-100mm

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    Re: olympus 8mm fisheye vs. 9-18mm ?

    The 9-18mm is not a fish eye. The 8mm has a larger field of view at 180deg compared to the 9-18mm of 100-62 degrees. The 9-18mm is just a wide angle lens. The 8mm fisheye is a mid grade pro lens which means it is more durable and weather sealed. It probably will focus faster than the 9-18mm. The fisheye, because of the lens can not take filters either. So no polarizer. But you can always create fisheye effects in PhotoShop.
    I have not personally tried either one but I have yet to read a bad review on a Zuiko lens. They all make very good pictures. Some perform better than others but the image quality of them all is very good.
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    Re: olympus 8mm fisheye vs. 9-18mm ?

    Took this with the fisheye. It's my favorite lens becauseit allows some creativity. But most people think the distortion ruins the photos. Personaly I like it...You could get both lenses though and use them both I'm sure, they are completely different.

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