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    Member erikzen's Avatar
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    First Shots with my E-510

    I thought I'd share some shots I took with my new E-510. I've only had the camera for a week and I'm a bit overwhelemed with all of the options on the camera. I've found that staying in Manual mode to be the easiest apart from leaving it on Auto. Being able to quickly switch back and forth between shutter speed and aperture is closest to how I used my 35mm film camera.

    Still, I am completely overwhelmed by the camera, both in how much fun it is to use and with how much there is to learn. I've managed to get a few decent shots but I think that was mostly due to luck.

    Any advice anyone can give on how to learn more about the E-510, please do not hesitate to let me know.

    Feel free to browse my other shots from the same batch:

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    Re: First Shots with my E-510

    try using the aperature priority mode instead of manual to make it a bit easier.
    when i first got the camera i kept it in manual like 90% of the time, but i found it very tedious to have to jump back and forth with the shutter depending on what im shooting, and i mean its a big pain in the ass when you're going from a shaded area to a sunny area back to back. and indoors? forget about it!
    with Ap priority it still gives you control over all the functions except it chooses the shutter speed for you! and you can of course adjust the exposure compensation if you dont like the results you're getting with it.

    one bit of advice about the 510 though, auto white balance is TERRIBLE! so make sure to adjust the WB accordingly. also familiarize yourself with the One Touch white balance feature and carry around a folded piece of white paper to really get the WB right.
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    Re: First Shots with my E-510

    Pretty good first shot.

    I found the only way to get familiar with the camera and it's settings is to read the manual, and then read it again and experiment with different settings.

    And then read the manual again. Very soon things will start to make sense. I use the PDF version, the little book is impossible for me to "see"

    And for what it's worth, my experience with the Auto White Balance is the opposite of Atomic2, except for mixed lighting in studio conditions I've found it works just fine.

    Cheers, Don

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    Re: First Shots with my E-510

    Congrats on the camera and I agree. After reading the manual a couple of times things seem to make since. A lot to remember if you have never used a DSLR. I remember my first time out was a nightmare. It seems my white balance has gotten a little off with age and firmware upgrades.
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