Adaptive Camera

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  • 09-09-2009, 06:36 AM
    Adaptive Camera
    Hi Folks!

    I am a teacher in a High school visual design program and I currently have a student who, due to the medication he is on, has a really serious palsy and his hand shakes uncontrollably. He also has some anatomical issues with his hands that make manual dexterity a problem. The thing is, he has discovered that he LOVES photography and it is fabulous that we have found something that has turned him on so much.

    I have him put his camera on a tripod and that helps, but the tripod itself poses problems just schlepping it around. Does anyone know of a camera body that can be adapted to this sort of situation? Any ideas out there?


  • 09-11-2009, 06:22 PM
    Greg McCary
    Re: Adaptive Camera
    I think a camera with image stabilization would certainly help, depending of course just how bad the camera shake is. Most of the Olympus line has it built into the body. If you could some how get one and try it just to see how much it helps. Maybe take him to a store that has a display model and let him try it out.
  • 09-22-2009, 07:24 AM
    Re: Adaptive Camera
    if he is in a wheel chair you could build a mount to attach the camera to the chair and that would eliminate the need for a tripod. I have crafted a mount using an old C clamp and then welded on the correctly threaded screw to mount the camera to the mount.

    I have used it to grab onto a hot air balloon basket, trees, the railing in a deer stand and many more irregularly shaped objects. It is also extremely easy to use so even with physical limitations a mount like this would be very handy.

    Remember when using any kind of camera mount that the IS should be turned off so as not to create IS noise in the image.

    Thinking outside the box.... or in this case.. outside the camera body... may be your better solution in the end.