What is you hobbies?

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  • 04-24-2019, 10:42 AM
    What is you hobbies?
    What is you hobbies? What do you like to do?
  • 04-25-2019, 01:36 AM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    I like assembling puzzles
  • 04-25-2019, 05:09 AM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    I like escape rooms. It is fun and also I like that it makes your brain work hard! Of course there are some simple escape rooms which can be passed for 30 minutes instead of 60, but the most escape rooms are hard and require a lot of intellectual skills for solving everything. Many players like it. For example check castle escape room https://questfactor.us/castle-seattle-escape-room I really liked it! Highly recommend to visit!
  • 04-27-2019, 04:36 AM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    just do not laugh ... I love to sleep))
  • 04-30-2019, 02:23 AM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    its great!
  • 05-01-2019, 11:20 PM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    My hobby is nature and I like hiking, traveling by car etc. Last time I decided to read more about it and found Best 5th wheel lock – Car cargo accessories that is pretty good for my hobby. There are a lot of different information and options for active people.
  • 05-03-2019, 02:53 AM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    My hobby is games. I like to play online games at https://rocketpayz.com/ and usually, this is how I spend half of my weekends. The other half I go out with my friend and making photos.
  • 05-07-2019, 06:33 AM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    Music is one of my main hobbies. I like such genres of it as alternative rock, darkwave, industrial and synth-pop the most of all, I can listen to it for hours and make some art at the same time. I like to collect CDs of my favourite bands and attend their concerts too :cool:
    I like reading very much too and sport, my favourite types of it are swimming, yoga and fitness. I adore such sport games as tennis, baseball and football, and in case of the last one I'm a great football fan too. I like not only to play it with my friends but also to watch matches, especially the ones with my favourite teams Flamengo (Brazil) and Real Madrid (Spain), cheer for them and make bets https://bonus-br.com/ sometimes.
    I adore travelling and drawing too, also playing various computer games.
  • 05-10-2019, 05:10 AM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    I prefer Youtube. To watch and to make videos.
  • 05-10-2019, 05:12 AM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    As for me, I prefer to make videos on Yotube. I also tried to choose the camera using findthedecision.com which helps to know more about the camera.
  • 05-13-2019, 07:20 AM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    It`s hard to say. I don`t have any hobbies, but I like to spend time with my friends. Goiung fishing with beer and swimming in a river. Hunting in the forest or just staying home smoking green crack god and watching various TV sports or playing various table games. I will never change my time with my friends on something else, like them very much.
  • 06-14-2019, 03:52 AM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    I like video editing
  • 06-14-2019, 05:20 AM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    My hobby is to do manicure. It gives me pleasure to create unique and creative nail designs and make my clients happy. My friend advised me to visit this site and I am grateful to him for such useful advice. Thanks to this site https://glaminati.com/shellac-nails/ I find interesting ideas of ​​manicure and learn to make nail design even more professionally.
  • 07-05-2019, 07:45 AM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    My hobby is organizing a holiday. Now it has become my job.
  • 07-14-2019, 05:36 AM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    I like to cook
  • 07-22-2019, 01:24 PM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    I like to play quests. It turned out to be a very exciting game for me. She allows to develop logical thinking and to prove herself in difficult situations. My husband shares my hobby. On the site nowescape it is very convenient to search for various quests. Sometimes we can even play together if we dont put together a team https://nowescape.com/london-uk-esca.../for-2-players. This site turned out to be very convenient
  • 07-25-2019, 12:37 AM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    thank you so much
  • 08-15-2019, 12:03 PM
    Re: What is you hobbies?
    I like woodworking, I even made several good projects and earned money on this. Maybe soon this will be my main job. If you are a beginner you can improve you skills with time..There are many useful info in internet, for example here is good article about cutting curves https://www.woodroutersreviews.com/h...urves-in-wood/